Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Chat Application On Facebook-All In One

Some time ago, I never gave tips on how to use facebook chat pidgin. It turns out I found out when I blogwalking Chat On Application Make up a more simple compared to pidgin. Hayo anyone you know?Yuppzz,, this tool called Digsby Messenger. Actually not just facebook tools are in support of this, there are many more chat services that could be run by this tiny tool. Hehehe

Before you use this tool, you must first register on the network Digsby, its simple registration kok sob, just follow step by step aja given. Not as we make the ID cards, Simple constrained rebet bin tp ribet, not bener sob?Hehehe

For installation problems, we can directly download and install online atwww.digsby.com, while for blogger buddies online lazy to do the installation or hit by an internet connection, can download the exe file it offline here.

Lepas korang instal software nie,,kena register dulu  Digsby Messenger.(xsusah)Software nie mcm  synchronize FB,Ym,Google & mcm2 lagi,,Bila dah on9 Digsby Messenger nie,,korang akan dpt terus update membe2 FB ke atau aper2 acc y korg synchronize ngan Digsby Messenger.Skunni aq guna nie utk acc Gmail,YM,FB & twitter aq,,Kira mcm all in one la,,(xpayah nk login satu2 acc)


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  2. ni terbaik ni..biarpun Hac takde FB semua tu, tapi boleh bikin bahan kajian ni.. :D


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